Many Christians have the underlying belief that if they are truly following Christ, they will be exempt from suffering in this life. As a result, they are likely to experience doubt, hopelessness, and anger toward God whenever they face inevitable hardships. The purpose of this book is to show through biblical and real-life examples that suffering is often the avenue God uses to bring people to the abundant life He has promised here on Earth. Based on that reality, Christians can view whatever situation they are in with hope.

Although suffering is inevitable in this life, Christians are often surprised when they go through hard times. Like everyone else, we know we will suffer, but there’s somewhat of an underlying expectation that those who truly follow Jesus should be exempt. But what if God’s chosen means of blessing was through suffering? Would you choose that path?  Through my personal story of suffering the loss of my twin sister in the prime of her life and the biblical examples of sufferers who have gone before, I outline in this book how God is faithful amid our suffering and how, through hardship, the abundant Christian life still is possible.

Coming late 2023 by Wipf and Stock Publishers.

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